Regarded as the second largest church in Asia, St. Philomena’s Church is known for captivating the attention of people due to its architectural elegance. It is amongst the popular historical monuments in Mysore that was designed in the honour of Saint Philomena who was a Catholic Saint.

The positivity you feel here the moment you enter is due to the holy and divine vibes this church boasts for people of all types. You can simply disconnect yourself from the temporal world for some time and forget the daily hassle at St. Philomena’s Church. Such is the aura of this age-old building.

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History of St. Philomena’s Cathedral Church

St. Philomena’s Cathedral Church has an interesting tale attached to it. It is said that this church is dedicated to Saint Philomena who was the daughter of the head of a small state in Greece. Since her birth, she was a follower of God and had great faith in him.

When Philomena was 13, her father took her along with him to meet the Emperor of Rome. The Emperor of Rome was so impressed with her beauty that he decided to marry her. However, she refused his proposal. Unable to handle the rejection, the emperor ordered his people to torture her first and then executed her.

So, to pay tribute to her, St. Philomena’s Church was constructed. Initially, it was a small church in 1840 and was referred to as St. Joseph Chavez. However, with time, several changes were made to it and it got into its present form in the year 1933 when the region was under the power of the Wodeyar dynasty.  

Architecture of St. Philomena’s Church

Featuring a Neo-Gothic style of architecture, the design of St. Philomena’s Church has been inspired by the Cologne Cathedral of Germany. It is a cross-shaped church with a congregation hall where people gather under one roof to offer their prayers to the almighty.

Here you can also find two spires within the building that stand as high as 175 feet and hence, can be observed even from a certain distance. The spires in St. Philomena’s Church are quite similar to the spires in St. Patrick’s Church located in New York and each spire has a cross of 12 feet in height.

It would be worth noting that this church boasts a large hall that can easily accommodate up to 800 people at once. Other attractions like paintings that tell a tale related to the last supper of Jesus Christ are also there within the premise.

How to Reach St. Philomena’s Cathedral Church?

Situated on the Ashoka Road of Mysore city, St. Philomena’s Cathedral Church can be accessed by people via road and offers great connectivity to the local transport for your ease. Depending on your holiday budget and travel style, you can either take an auto-rickshaw from Mysuru Airport, Mysore Bus Stand or Mysore Junction Railway Station. Alternatively hire a private cab from one of the top car rental companies in Mysore. The choice is yours!