Established in the year 1892, Mysore Zoo or Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens is amongst the best zoological gardens in India that serve as no less than a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts.

Perched near Mysore Maharaja Palace, the Mysore Zoo covers an area of 157 hectares of land and has nearly 168 species of wildlife animals, all of them call it their home.

It also acts as an orphanage for abandoned animals along with hosting various exhibition programs to raise awareness among people about the importance of wildlife conservation.

Many summer camps, youth club activities, and literary competitions are also organized within the zoo for your utmost enjoyment. This top tourist attraction in Mysore is a true gem waiting to be discovered.

Try your hand at the Zoo Safari to explore the surroundings of this reserve sanctuary at its best. It is undoubtedly a fun activity for young people and senior citizens to take a complete tour of the zoo in their comfort.

Please note that the amount for battery-operated vehicles is INR 75 for children between 5 to 12 years of age, INR 125 for adults, and again INR 75 for seniors.

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Fauna at Mysore Zoological Park

Speaking of the fauna, the Mysore Zoo is considered to be the only zoo in the country that provides shelter to a Gorilla. Here you can also spot Chimpanzees and Orangutans with all 3 types of Rhinos that are rare to see at other sanctuaries. Other exotic animals include White Deer, Porcupines, Zebras, Giraffes, Otters, African Elephants, etc.

Home to tigers, the Mysore Zoo also boasts Himalayan Bear, Sloth Bear, Brown Bear, and Nilgiri Langur with exotic bird species like Painted Stork, HornBill, Ostrich, Pelican, Silver and Gold Peasant, Vultures, Eagles, Sarus Cranes, and many more.

Crocodiles, Cobras, Alligators, and Star-Studded Turtles are a few of the reptiles that can also be observed here at this reserve sanctuary.

Flora at Mysore Zoological Park

Rich in nature, the flora of Mysore Zoo boasts an exquisite species of plants and trees that have been brought from different parts of the world. It is said to have 35 different ranges of ornamental plants with 85 varied types of trees.

The flora here at this zoo creates an environment that not only makes it a favorite place for wildlife creatures to live peacefully in their natural habitat but also adds to the overall beauty of the place.

Best Time to Visit the Mysore Zoo

To make the most of your time at Mysore Zoo, we recommend you to pay heed to it either in the morning or during evening hours. At both times, the animals remain active, giving you a chance to spot them. In case you visit the zoo in the afternoon, you might not be able to see any animals as they tend to rest for 2-3 hours.

Traveller Tips for Mysore Zoo

  • Keep an eye on the signboards to access all the major areas within the zoo. Otherwise, you might miss out on a few things which you would want to explore for sure.
  • Don’t carry plastic water bottles along with you. The facility of RO water purifiers at every 100 meters is available at the zoo for your convenience.

How to Reach Mysore Zoological Park?

Reaching Mysore Zoo is not a matter of concern as it is only 2 km away from Mysore Palace, 2.7 km away from Mysore Junction Railway Station, and 3 km away from Mysore Bus Stand. So, once you arrive in the city, you can choose to walk on foot or hire local transport like an auto-rickshaw, a bus, or a taxi from the curated list of top car rental companies in Mysore to access your desired location.