Out of the popular tourist places to visit in Mysore, KRS Dam is one such attraction that receives a huge influx of people from different corners of the nation. Also referred to as Krishna Raja Sagar Dam, KRS Dam is a huge dam that is built on the banks of the confluence of 3 rivers named as River Kaveri, River Lakshman Tirtha, and River Hemavathi.

Initially, the idea behind the foundation of the KRS Dam was to provide water to Mysore and Mandya. Later, it became an important source of water for Bangalore city as well. Today, it is considered a must-visit spot to be explored by all those who are on their Mysore tour and is indeed a major scenic location in the region.

What makes the KRS Dam even more beautiful is its surroundings accompanied by beautiful gardens, flashy mountains, and stunning water bodies. The overall atmosphere around the dam is so good that it automatically releases all your tension. Don’t forget to visit the Brindavan Gardens when you’re at KRS Dam. The garden is just adjacent to the dam which makes it a beautiful picnic spot in Mysore for tourists of all types.

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Best Time to Visit the KRS Dam

As a tourist, you can pay a visit to the KRS Dam at any time of the year. However, if you wish to enjoy your time to the fullest, you should consider heading towards it during the monsoon season i.e., between June and August.

At this time, the level of the water is at its peak, making it look truly a majestic sight to watch. Sometimes, due to more than average rainfall, the water starts coming out of the gates, which is certainly a moment to capture with your camera. You’ll surely consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to see it with your eyes.

How to Reach KRS Dam?

KRS Dam provides great connectivity to its neighbouring areas via road and hence, can be easily accessed by people via local transport. Whether you’re travelling from Mysore or Bangalore, you can avail of the facility of private taxis/cabs from best car rental companies in Mysore to reach KRM Dam or any tourist attraction in the city in a hassle-free manner. For your convenience, the facility of several buses is also available from Mysore Bus Stand at reasonable prices.