Gumbaz/ Tomb of Tipu Sultan, Srirangapatna

Gumbaz/ Tomb of Tipu Sultan, Srirangapatna

Gumbaz is a beautiful mausoleum located in the town of Srirangapatna, Karnataka. It was built in the late 18th century as the final resting place of Tipu Sultan, his father Hyder Ali, and his mother Fatima Begum. Tipu Sultan was a famous ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore and is known for his bravery in the wars against the British East India Company.

The Gumbaz/ Tomb of Tipu Sultan is an excellent example of Islamic architecture, featuring intricate carvings, beautiful domes, and minarets. The mausoleum is built on a high platform and is surrounded by a beautiful garden. Inside, you will find the tombs of Tipu Sultan, Hyder Ali, and Fatima Begum, all adorned with intricate decorations.

In short, it won’t be wrong to say that Gumbaz is a popular tourist attraction in Srirangapatna that deserves to be seen at least once by everyone on their Mysore trip and is often visited by history enthusiasts and architecture lovers.

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History of Gumbaz

The history of Gumbaz/ Tomb of Tipu Sultan dates back to the late 18th century when Tipu Sultan ruled the Kingdom of Mysore. Tipu Sultan built the mausoleum as the final resting place of his parents, who were buried there later.

Its construction began in the year 1782 and was completed in 1784. The mausoleum was built by the Persian architect Mirza Ismail, who was also responsible for the construction of several other buildings during the reign of Tipu Sultan.

After the death of Tipu Sultan in 1799, the Gumbaz fell into disrepair and was neglected for many years. However, in the early 20th century, the Archaeological Survey of India took over the maintenance of the site and began restoration work. Today, Gumbaz is considered as a masterpiece of Islamic architecture and also one of the famous places to visit in Mysore.

Architecture of Gumbaz

Featuring a perfect blend of Persian and Indian styles, Gumbaz/ Tomb of Tipu Sultan captivates everyone’s attention with its magnificent architecture. It has a few notable features that are worth noting. These include:

  • Domes and Minarets: The most striking feature of Gumbaz is its large domes and minarets. The main dome is the largest and is flanked by four smaller domes. The minarets are tall and slender and add to the grandeur of the structure.
  • Intricate Carvings: The walls and ceilings of Gumbaz are adorned with intricate carvings and decorations. The carvings feature floral motifs, geometric patterns, and Arabic calligraphy.
  • Marble Tombs: The tombs of Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan, and Fatima Begum are made of black marble and are placed in the center of the main hall. The tombs are intricately decorated with precious stones and inscriptions in Persian.
  • Ornate Doors: The entrance doors of Gumbaz are made of teakwood and are beautifully carved with intricate designs.

How to Reach Gumbaz?

Located 18 km away from Mysore and 180 km away from Bangalore, Gumbaz can be easily accessed by people via railways and roadways. Out of them, the most preferred way of traveling is by road.

Depending on your location, you can look for a private or a state-owned bus run by the KSRTC department to reach the location in your comfort. Alternatively, a list of top car rental companies in Mysore is also available with us.