Escape to the serene haven of Chikmagalur with our Chikmagalur Tour Packages, where the very essence of this destination evokes a sense of wonder and tranquility. Surrounded by lush coffee plantations, misty hills, and pristine nature, Chikmagalur is a place where emotions resonate with the beauty of the land. Explore our all-inclusive packages, which promise an emotional journey filled with natural marvels and a deep connection to the heart of Karnataka’s enchanting landscapes.

Chikmagalur Tour Packages All-inclusive with Hotel & Car

Chikmagalur is a picturesque hill town that has become a popular holiday destination in South India for travelers with varying interests. Our Chikmagalur Tour Packages offer the opportunity to explore this peaceful paradise, immersed in lush green hills and coffee plantations. 

Blessed with a pleasant climate and splendid natural views, Chikmagalur has become a much-loved retreat among tourists looking for an escape from their busy city life.

Renowned for its aromatic coffee plantations, it is also known as the Coffee Land of Karnataka. All-inclusive Chikmagalur tour packages by Tripthentic can also be customized according to your budget and interests.

Nature lovers can explore famous waterfalls like the Kadambi and Jhari Falls, and adventure lovers can indulge in activities like trekking, camping, and nature walks. Chikmagalur also offers a wide range of accommodation options suitable for all types of travelers.

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Chikmagalur Tour Packages

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There are plenty of places to visit in Chikmagalur that are sure to delight every type of traveler. With our Chikmagalur Tour Packages by private car, you can visit mesmerizing destinations like Mullayanagiri Peak, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Manikyadhara Falls. You will also be able to explore the town’s colonial architecture in places like the Clock Tower and Chikmagalur Fort. 

Visit local markets for some souvenir shopping, or try your hand at coffee tasting sessions. From quaint homestays to luxury resorts, we offer various accommodation choices with our Chikmagalur Tour Packages to suit every budget.

Why do Indians Love Chikmagalur for Vacation?

Chikmagalur is loved by Indians for its pleasant climate, scenic beauty, and unique experiences that cannot be found in other cities. The town offers a serene atmosphere and is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

You can experience the spellbinding beauty of nature during monsoons and pleasant temperatures throughout the year, making Chikmagalur a perfect vacation destination.

Why Book with us?

Our all-inclusive Chikmagalur tour packages with hotel and private car are designed to bring you the best of the hilly town. From visiting some of the oldest temples in India to exploring serene waterfalls, our packages offer it all. 

We also customize Chikmagalur tour packages to suit your travel needs and fit into your budget. Our team ensures a stress-free vacation for you by taking care of all your preferences. They plan everything from accommodation to transportation, sightseeing, and meals for you.

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Resort & Hotels options with our Chikmagalur Tour Packages

Chikmagalur offers a variety of accommodation options to suit all budgets and preferences. You can choose from luxury resorts, homestays, and budget-friendly hotels. Many resorts and homestays offer comfortable accommodations with scenic views of the hills and valleys. 

Special arrangements such as outdoor activities, spa services, and bonfires are often provided to enhance your experience on your Chikmagalur trip. Some resorts and homestays also offer guided trekking tours and plantation walks to explore the natural beauty of the region.

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Popular Sightseeing Places to Visit on your Chikmagalur Trip

1. Mullayanagiri

Standing at an elevation of 1,930 m above sea level, Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in Chikmagalur. You will be mesmerized by the misty weather and lush green hills. Nature lovers can enjoy stunning views of the Western Ghats from the summit. Trekking and biking enthusiasts will be thrilled to explore the various trails leading to the peak.

2. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular sanctuary and tiger reserve in India that covers an area of 492 sq km. Home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, you can spot animals like the Panther, Bison, and Spotted Deer, and also a variety of birds. Trekking and safari tours are popular ways to explore the sanctuary and experience the beauty of nature.

3. Kudremukh National Park

Kudremukh National Park is a protected wildlife reserve that covers an area of 600 sq km. It is known for its diverse range of flora and fauna. There are many trekking trails for adventure seekers, like the Seethabhumi Peak and Kurinjal Peak. You can spot a variety of animals like the Common Langur, Sambar, and Gaur.

4. Hebbe Falls

Hebbe Falls is a stunning waterfall surrounded by lush green forests and coffee plantations. The water cascades down from a height of 168 m, creating a mesmerizing view of the misty surroundings. You can enjoy trekking through dense forests. As the waterfall flows through medicinal herbs, you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the natural jacuzzi.

5. Baba Budangiri

Baba Budangiri is a mountain peak located in the Western Ghats in Chikmagalur. It is named after the Sufi saint Baba Budan, who is credited with introducing coffee to India. The peak is a popular trekking destination and also a famous pilgrimage site in India for both Muslims and Hindus.

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Activities and things to do in Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is a haven for nature and adventure enthusiasts. You can check out Hanumana Gundi Falls and Kalhatti Falls for a serene experience amidst nature. You can satisfy your spiritual fervor by visiting Sharadamba Temple and Kothanda Ramaswamy Temple. Pump up your adrenaline by indulging in adventure activities at Z Point and Kyathanamakki Hills.

Chikmagalur is also renowned for its coffee plantations. You can take a tour of the verdant coffee plantations tour and also purchase fresh coffee beans or packaged coffee as souvenirs. Wooden sculptures and beautifully handcrafted idols also make great souvenirs. You can also visit the local market and buy spices, sandalwood products, and dry fruits to take back home.

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How to reach Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is well connected to major cities of the country by road, rail, and air. The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport, 170 km from the town center. Kadur is the nearest railway station, which is 40 km from Chikmagalur. 

The town is also well connected to nearby cities by road, with regular bus services from Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore and other nearby cities. Private taxis and cars can be hired to ensure a quick and comfortable journey.

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On a trip to Chikmagalur, you are sure to experience a memorable and enjoyable vacation with Chikmagalur tour packages by Tripthentic. You can relax amidst the serene surroundings, engage in outdoor adventures, and immerse yourself in the local culture. With its natural beauty, excellent climate, and cultural heritage, Chikmagalur has something exciting for everyone.


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